PromOptica joins JEOS-Rapid Publications, expanding European optical collaboration

We are delighted to announce that the Belgium National Optical Society, PromOptica, an affiliated society under the European Optical Society (EOS), has officially become the latest cooperating society of the Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications (JEOS:RP). This marks a significant milestone as the fifth society to join this international collaboration.

PromOptica joins esteemed counterparts, including the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Angewandte Optik (DGaO), the Società Italiana di Ottica e Fotonica (SIOF), the Sociedad Española de Óptica (SEDOPTICA), and the Portuguese Optical Society (SPOF), in strengthening the global reach and impact of optical research within the JEOS community. Philippe Leclère, President of PromOptica, will represent the society on the National Optical Society Advisory Board.

This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of PromOptica, along with the other societies, to advance optical science and promote knowledge sharing among researchers and professionals worldwide and further solidifies JEOS:RP as a key platform for international collaboration and the dissemination of cutting-edge optical discoveries.